Abraham Davis founded his first business in 1924 named Bungalow-Inn, located on Fourth Street; now called Martin Luther King Boulevard, where his excellent Bar-B-Q reputation spread across North Mississippi and Mid-South. The business moved to the crossroads of U.S. 49 & 61 where legend has it that the Delta blues king, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil and the blues was born. Itís very possible that Robert Johnson, while sitting on a Coca-Cola case under one of the sycamore trees that was prominent at that corner back then, eating an Abeís Bar-B-Q made that legendary deal. It is a fact that Abraham Davis surrendered his soul to eat lunch, and coined the words to Abeís famous sauce, THE COME BACK SAUCE: Once youíve eaten our sandwich, you have to come back for more. In 1960 the business was renamed Abeís Bar-B-Q, horning Abe Davis, its founder.

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